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Kashif Din is gaining more and more publicity as he continues to stand out from the crowd. Din is growing up to become one of London’s finest business leaders. The term “growing up,” is used because he started his business career at only 19 years of age! Din is setting precedents and breaking traditions that regulate societies all over the globe. Hopefully students will take not of Din’s success and start to question the traditions and principles that reign over their lives.

You’re Too Young

“You’re too young,” is a phrase that most, if not all, people can remember hearing at some point, or many points for that matter. This simple phrase tells the youth that there are certain activities that they just can’t do. Of course, for many of these cases the phrase is true. Other times, though, age should not dictate a person’s activity. For example, most people would consider 19 years of age as too young to run a business. At 19 years old, most people haven’t even completed a bachelor’s degree, much less gained enough experience to manage a company.

This tradition failed to stop a young Kashif Din, though. He was probably told many times that he was too young to launch a business, especially during his final year of schooling. Nevertheless, he set out to work anyway. At age 19, Din was a colleague of senior managers and purchasing directors. He handled orders of over 90,000 Euros, which is more than most 19 year olds can dream of.

Even without a lifetime of business experience, Din’s first business proved successful enough for him to continue his career. After completing his degree, Din even started three more successful businesses. Experience is crucial, but determination, skill, and knowledge can sometimes outweigh a lack of experience.

Education is Everything?

There is another principle that influences many people, young and old. Many charts and graphs are shown to students that show that more education generally equates to a higher salary. Of course, the gap between no post-secondary education and a doctoral degree is immense. The gap between smaller amounts of college, though, is not as distinct. In fact, people with less education will sometimes receive more pay than those with more education.

The point is that many resources tell students that their only way to climb the corporate ladder is to drown themselves in student loans and work towards a master’s degree. Din, an incredibly bright man, only received a bachelor’s degree in business computer technology. Din is the current owner of 4 companies based in London. Within 9 months of opening his last business,, the tablet lending service expanded to regularly service over 1,000 PR reps with over 1,000 iPads available.

It is doubtful that Din feels effected by his lack of a master’s degree. His education no doubt helped him, but his initiative, talent, passion, and brimming confidence helped drive him towards his success. Kashif Din should be an example to all that traditions are meant to be questioned, and should certainly not be limitations.